Bankroll Management

The purpose of bankroll management is simple, to help to manage your money. Money management is the most important skill required to be a successful sports bettor. Gambling is and will never be 100% sure. All sports bettors go on losing streaks from time to time. It happens to even the most successful bettors in the world, and they obviously happen to those who bet for fun too. Therefore it is important to cover your losses and to finish in profit.


Sports betting may seem easy but it’s not. It’s very important to manage your emotions and (for sure) your money. That’s why we offer you two different methods , methods that we have been using now for years. We are convinced that these two methods will help you to increase your benefits.


A good example of a scheme of a bankroll management is shown below. There are 3 stages to follow:

  • The first stage requires you to set a budget for how much money you’re prepared to risk losing.
  • The next stage involves establishing a set of rules that determine how much you should stake. This should be based on your budget.
  • The final stage is to apply the rules defined in stage two. This is an ongoing process, as these rules should be applied and respected to every single stake you place

Good news ! we gave you the basic rules of our two methods for free that you can use for yourself or where you can base yourself on.

Before we get to that, though, we explain why bankroll management is crucial for sports bettors.

When applied properly, it ensures that you bet within your means and don’t risk money that you can’t afford to lose. This alone makes bankroll management extremely important, as no-one should gamble with the money that they need to pay their bills or other living expenses.

With a fixed “bankroll” percentage (that you can agree with yourself, you can have control over yourself and you can focus entirely on trying to make good betting decisions. This is much easier to do if you’re not worried about the money involved (use money that you can lose) Managing emotions is one of the most important aspects of betting. If you can manage your emotions, the rest will follow!


Bankroll Capital


First of all it’s very important to define your own bankroll capital.

We recommend for players with little financial resources, to start with a bankroll amount of at least €200. The higher your bankroll capital, the safer and stress-free you can continue to play. The lower your bankroll, the faster you can be bankrupt and the more difficult (in case of losing) to get back to your bankroll capital.

For people who are financially in a better position, we advise to start with an amount between €500 and €1000. This ensures that you will make a faster profit, grow your bankroll capital faster, and play in a stress-free way. In case of losing, a higher bankroll will endure you to get back faster to your bankroll capital because simply you have more resources to use.

Finally for people who see it BIG, you can start with any amount but it’s important to follow the bankroll management scheme or to have a staking plan.

Of course, understanding the importance of bankroll management is only the first step. That’s why we will explain you HOW our bankroll method is working.

After you get a package, we will coach you through every bet and define how confident we are about it. That means that all bets placed will always be linked to the bankroll management scheme. In other words, we will always tell you how much to stake per bet in order to be profitable at the end of the ride.


Method A


Method A is the most secure method. We recommend this method because you have a total control on your bankroll. This means that the percentages are determined to play in an extremely safe way. By only staking a small percentage of your bankroll, you should be able to avoid going bust. When losses are the result of bad decision making, this should give you the opportunity to address your mistakes


Reliability Bankroll
€ 100
€ 500
R1 1% € 1 € 5
R2 2% € 2 € 10
R3 3 % € 3 € 15
R3.5 3,5 % € 3,5 € 17,5
R4 4 % € 4 € 20
R5 5 % € 5 € 25


Bankroll of 500 EUR
(method A)


In this case we take as example a capital of €500.

This method offers 6 different reliability’s, each containing a percentage of bankroll. If we propose you a bet with reliability of level 3, this will come with a percentage of 3%. This means a stake of €15 per bet.

In the worst case you will have to lose 30 bets in a row to be out. Statistically, it is almost impossible that this will happen.

Method B


Method B is slightly more risky. The percentages of the bankroll scheme are higher than method A. This method is interesting for people who want to make good profits in short term.


Reliability Bankroll
€ 100
R1 1,5% € 1,5 € 7,5
R2 3 % € 3 € 15
R3 4,5 % € 4,5 € 22,5
R3.5 5,25 % € 5,25 € 26,25
R4 6 % € 6 € 30
R5 7,5 % € 7,5 € 37,50


Bankroll of 500 EUR
(method B)


In this case we take again another €500 of capital as an example

The second method also offers 6 different reliability’s, each containing a percentage of bankroll. If we propose you a reliability of level 3, this will come with a percentage of 4,5%. That is an amount of €22,5 per bet.  In the worst case you will have to lose 22 bets to be out.

Statistically, you are more likely to be out faster than with method A, but you can earn much more money in the short term. Very interesting method for bets with a high confidence!



After every bet (even if it’s won or lost), you should switch back to your starting capital (€500) in order to always be able to play with the correct amounts. If you have made good profits, you can increase your bankroll capital at a later stage (to €700 for example).



If you can stick to these methods and you own decided staking plan and practice good bankroll management, betting on sports will be a much more enjoyable experience. You’ll increase your chances of making long-term profits. You’ll also avoid making reckless wagers to chase benefits in order to compensate losses, and resist the temptation to increase stakes when things are going well.

It’s important that you find out for yourself which method suits you best. We recommend following the bankroll management when you want to bet without losing control. If you do not follow this, you will sooner or later regret. We have been doing this for years and we believe it is the safest way to play on sporting events.